Viacom Enters into a Cross-Platform Management Deal with comScore

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 22, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The newly merged comScore and Rentrak will form a cross-platform deal with Viacom through a multi-year contract for cross-platform measurement. “This partnership with comScore marks a fundamental watershed moment in the business of television,” said Bryson Gordon, SVP Data Strategy, Viacom.

comScore will make its powerful set of cross-platform measurement tools and advanced demographic capabilities, which spans across linear TV, video-on-demand, digital, and over-the-top environments accessible to Viacom. Viacom will add unique translation of data utilizing its proprietary suite of industry-leading data-driven platform called Vantage for advertising products and currency transaction. This in turn will unlock maximum value for marketing partners by providing a complete view of the consumer in the industry.

Bryson added, “Viacom’s longstanding investment in data and innovation and our unique ability to merge creativity and science has positioned us far ahead in the marketplace by delivering what partners crave – the most comprehensive view of the consumer and the most effective way to reach them.”

Information for comScore’s revolutionary cross-platform is accumulated from a major chunk of population covering more than 40 million televisions and 120 million video-on-demand users in 210 markets across the United States. The list also includes 1.5 trillion monthly digital interactions. Visibility into associated consumer behaviors, viz. shopping, leisure activity and geolocation information is what constitutes comScore’s rich data equity. Viacom Vantage while translating several layers of data unlocks state-of-the-art capabilities to help advertisers to target television advertising, while also reaching audiences wherever they are consuming content. This data is subsequently utilized to measure the impact of the consumer spending in the most unparalleled manner.

Serge Matta, CTO, comScore, “Viacom’s expertise in data strategy makes them an ideal first partner to leverage our cross-platform metrics and advanced demographics as a more powerful currency on which to transact.”

The expanded suite comprises of products that transform how audience segments are built, how integrated and social marketing content is designed, and how a broad set of advertisers can adopt predictive targeting in days.

The new products include in this catalogue are:

Vantage Target Discovery: It uses sophisticated data-mining techniques to help marketers identify “persuadables.”

Vantage Instant Audience: This makes the power of Vantage accessible to a broader array of clients by simplifying the data-driven targeting process.

Viewprint: A data-driven creative map that innovates how custom marketing campaigns are developed by enhancing the level of visibility into the consumer segments.

Echo Social Graph 2.0: Used for measuring the effectiveness and virality of custom creative marketing campaigns; updated to integrate Canvs’ emotional analysis.

Velocity Content Network (VCN): A virtual network of custom creative branded content programs informed by data and distributed across social platforms.