VibrAlign Release the New Wireless, App-Driven Laser Shaft Alignment Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 23, 2015

RICHMOND, VA: VibrAlign, a US distributor of Fixturlaser and ACOEM AB industrial maintenance products offers Fixturlaser Laser Kit for laser shaft alignment market.

Fixturlaser Laser Kit is a laser shaft alignment designed and built for mechanics, which consists of two wireless sensor units utilizing two line lasers that connect via Bluetooth to the user’s iOS or Android device running the Laser Kit app. The line lasers pre-mounted on its fixtures and pre-set to the most common setup, simplifies the setup process by minimizing setup time.

Guiding the user through the entire alignment process, the software runs on a tablet or phone. The user interface is entirely graphical and uses no text, no language barriers to overcome. Software is designed as an economical solution in such a way that it eliminates all queries of the user regarding the machine alignment by automatically reporting all the relevant information.

Meanwhile, the Laser Kit is Fixturlaser’s first product to feature ‘smart’ laser shaft alignment. It is the second product to use smartphone app technology to augment the shaft alignment process. As the kit allows to bring-their-own display unit, VibrAlign can offer the Laser Kit at a lower price.