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Vibrnz Introduces New Tools to Help Creative Entrepreneurs Monetize Their Skills

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2020

Event management tools with the authorized or paid access for online events are now available from Vibrnz.

FREMONT, CA: These are very challenging times for everyone. This is particularly true for local creative entrepreneurs. Numerous freelance artists, educators, and small businesses have been hit very hard by COVID as live events, including concerts, workshops, recitals, and so on, have either got canceled for the foreseeable future or moved to online platforms.

It is challenging for many artists and educators to adapt to the digitization and navigate the numerous options available in the market. Social media platforms remain, and though they might help post events and get an audience, more people are getting used to a plethora of free content, negatively affecting the professionals. For several artists, their livelihood depends on the income they receive from events, and they cannot afford to work on the content that does not get them any monetary contributions.

"Online is the new normal. Why settle for free events when you can monetize them? Why compromise on providing a great experience to your audience in this new era of online events?" said Mrinalini (Mini) Ayachit, the Founder and CEO of Vibrnz. "Creative entrepreneurs now have the option to organize events that have authorized or paid access. They can also enhance the event experience from start to finish by using our easy to use engagement tools and a fantastic user interface which will motivate their audience to keep coming back!"

Vibrnz is focused to making a difference in creative arts using the latest in digital technology. Their "Support the artists" series started earlier this year successfully collected the funds for freelance artists and charitable organizations.

With these new tools that make the monetizing events simple, the team at Vibrnz hopes that artists and teachers can focus on what they do best, even in this new normal.