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Video in Marketing: Key to Enhanced Revenue

By CIOReview | Friday, April 19, 2019

It is important for companies in every sector today to take advantage of current technologies to boost their business and reach out to consumers. Video marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to do this.

Video marketing is a key component of a marketing campaign. A video is more engaging, more memorable, and the most popular type of content that can be posted among internet users. Event videos are great to expose a company's truths, including its products, customers, and culture behind the scenes. Event videos are especially effective as they do not directly sell anything.  Moreover, it is easy to make event videos because there is no specific need for a script. It just needs a camera and some editing to get viewers on a ride.

Video testimonials build confidence with new consumers through non-sales content focused on overcoming skepticism. Video testimonials are often scripted, look polished, and include customers who speak highly about a specific product or service. The best testimonials don't just give endless adjectives to the product. Instead, the excellent video testimonials provide benefits, business claims, and credibility.

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Animated explainer videos are comparable to product animation videos because they are scripted and often produced by an animated video specialized third party. These videos, however, are not just about describing a process or showcasing product benefits. These videos use various types of tactics to obtain results at different points in the purchaser's journey. They can be used in a compelling story to educate a buyer or showcase the brand.

Explainer videos are efficient as homepage videos because they are fast, to the point, and extend the amount of time a user spends on the specific site, which gives more room for growth to other marketing efforts. While this may be an excellent way to connect and engage with followers, it is also essential that the videos align with the marketing function's broader goals.

All major social platforms prioritize video, and growing the business with it has become crucial. These video strategies will help boost brand recognition, enhance customer service, and build customer loyalty. These benefits, in turn, provide small businesses with an affordable way to experience increased growth and profit.

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