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Video on Demand (VOD) is not Just for Entertainment, Know More!

By CIOReview | Monday, July 1, 2019

The mediums of accessing entertainment have changed, from black & white TV to web portals for video streaming, changing the meaning of ‘just for entertainment.'

FREMONT, CA: Video on Demand (VOD) is an overall system, where the users can access their selective video contents on mobiles, TVs or computers, anytime and anywhere. It provides a menu with vast collections of content in different genres to select. VOD has upgraded the current level of accessing the video content with the help of fast internet services and various web platforms. The platforms deliver a variety of services like paid and unpaid content, video saving options to watch in case of no internet connectivity, different options for video content for a different set of people and their interests like age groups-adults & kids, educational, entertainment,  documentary, movies, series and so many.

• The Rise in Video Demand and Video Marketing.

With the rise of digital access and internet booming in today’s era, video content is at the top of the demand list for entertainment. Stated with the television, and now covering up all possible platforms, the service providers are applying their best strategies for a quick sale. Easy accessibility and convenient features lead to tremendous growth in the number of viewership. VOD directly impacts on the increase of online video marketing. The platform is capable of delivering quick sales conversions while reaching a massive group of the target audience.

• Precise Statics of Videos in Demand

The platforms for VOD help the service providers to track the videos in order or trend to study and approach in better ways, keeping the audience engaged and best deliverables at prior. The interface is often customized according to the individual or user; it works on the concept of permutations and combinations based on the watched, paused, replayed, downloaded, and searched videos. It automatically creates a comfortable environment for the viewer and let them spend more time in it.

• Cost Efficiency

Video streaming services have proven to be cost-effective when it comes to the viewer’s satisfaction in both quality and quantity. The cloud-based service simplifies both the parties at the opposite end. For the service providers to upload and optimize the data according to the viewer’s device is generally included in the cloud service. The lesser pre-transcoding cost of the video content proportionally lowering the cost of accessing for the viewer.

The budget, accessibility, and a wide variety of options are the visible impacts but not the limited areas for the growth of videos on demand. Videos have the power to engage and build trust between both the service provider and receiver. Moreover, the pure distributive nature of the platforms has helped in awareness, advanced education, smooth information access, and lots.