Vigilistics Unveils InspectionPro for Effective Inspection of Food and Beverages

By CIOReview | Monday, October 19, 2015

IRVINE, CA: The proliferation of the food and beverage industry calls for new techniques and strategies for various operations that facilitate its growth and expansion. With an aim to consolidate inspection processes and secure electronic records for the food and beverage sector, Vigilistics introduces InspectionPro.

InspectionPro is a solution that streamlines inspections and provides insights to quality managers and inspectors for effective management of pre op inspections. It automatically creates and stores FDA validated records for audit and compliance. Quality managers can access InspectionPro through smartphones or tablets to analyze ongoing trends and monitor performance.

Some of its features include tracking of equipment, deficiencies and operator performance; electronic inspection reports that are ready for audit and analytics that can drive quality and continuous process improvement. Moreover, it offers a mobile friendly design that can be accessed from anywhere.

"Our large food and beverage manufacturing customers count on us for simple, affordable solutions that give them visibility into production process-level data not captured by other systems. With our new InspectionPro application, we've given quality managers a revolutionary new way to handle the entire inspection process in less time and with greater control," comments Vigilistics, CEO, Mike Stephens.