Violin 7300 FSP Resolves the I/O Bottlenecks Associated with Data Center Workflow

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2015

SANTA CLARA, CA: Data Center workload handling is now simplified with the launch of Violin Memory’s 7300 Flash Storage Platform (FSP), all-flash storage platform solution. Powered by the Concerto OS 7, it delivers a rich suite of Enterprise Data Services transforming the way data center operates in.

The FSP promises constant data protection and highest performance storage at the lowest possible CAPital EXpenditure (CAPEX) and OPerational EXpenditure (OPEX). In addition it supports vertical integration of flash to avoid expensive SSDs.

Cisco Global Cloud Index 2013-2018 reports that, the number and density of cloud-based workloads running on virtual machines have increased exponentially. To realize this, flash storage is a virtual necessity states the company. The solution incorporates granular inline deduplication/compression; taking less space to store data, and increasing storage efficiency. It emerges as an extremely cost-efficient solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments with the ability to support around 5000 virtual desktops per system.

Violin 7300 Flash Storage Platform also steps over the problem of I/O bottleneck by designing the hardware with zero downtime and software stack with data efficiency, data protection and storage resource management tools. They act as vital components to support active workloads on primary storage environments.