Vir-Sec Introduces New Set of Cyber Standards for Full Proof Cyber Security
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Vir-Sec Introduces New Set of Cyber Standards for Full Proof Cyber Security

By CIOReview | Friday, February 27, 2015

FERMONT, CA: Vir-Sec, a provider of cyber security services, introduces a set of cyber standards which focus sharply on stopping cyber breaches and protecting internal data networks.

According to Vir-Sec, their new cyber security standards will help the U.S. companies to protect and secure their internal networks. These standards will support U.S. government in protecting their infrastructure and is meant to be a framework of federal standards facilitating internal data protection.

“Our standards are common-sense prevention methods by which to secure internal data and remove major vulnerabilities,” says John Foti, Director of Government Affairs, Vir-Sec.

VIR-SEC Data Security Standards set new paradigm in ensuring security:

  • Data access only through a non-browser method for keeping the data secured from data breaches. As most of the exploits happen through the web browser, this is a smart step forward in ensuring full proof security.
  • Maintenance of promotional websites and secure data websites at unique IP addresses allowing isolation of secure data from the public content.
  • True two-factor authentication for accessing secure data keeps anonymity at bay and reveals information of the user and the time of access. This enables the availability of forensic data if breach is detected and also enables authentication without data mining.
  • The accessed secure data, including temporary data must be prevented from getting written to any permanent storage device.
  • There must be an authorized token for allowing authentication at secure, off-site location.
  • Data mining through the application giving access to the internet application or secure data should be restricted. This will stop the exploitation of internet service provider to exploit the users, by the cyber criminals and will stop cyber breaches, reports PRWeb.

 “Our standards now set precedent for best practices in data security and in protecting critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks.” Foti adds. These standards align with the current technology and security set up and they support U.S. companies and the government takes preemptive approach in thwarting security breach.