Virtru, a Google Workspace Data Protection Provider to Sponsor Google Cloud Next 22
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Virtru, a Google Workspace Data Protection Provider to Sponsor Google Cloud Next 22

By CIOReview | Friday, October 28, 2022

The sponsorship marks the expansion of Virtru and Google's long-standing partnership, which now provides Zero Trust encryption solutions to over 5,500 Google Workspace users.

FREMONT, CA: “Google Workspace is one of the worlds most powerful collaboration tools, but to be effective, users need to have confidence that the data they share will remain secure,” says John Ackerly, CEO of Virtru. “Our partnership with Google over the years has provided customers with the end-to-end data encryption and access control capabilities needed to govern sensitive data.” Virtru, a global pioneer in data security and a Google-recommended data-centric security solution, will sponsor and offer an on-demand Partner Insight session at Google Cloud Next 22, Google's annual developer, partner, and technology leader-attended conference.

Rob McDonald, SVP of Strategy and Field Chief Privacy Officer at Virtru, and William Dougherty, CISO at Omada Health, discuss the steps IT leaders can take to enhance privacy and meet compliance requirements by governing sensitive data moving in and out of healthcare organizations through collaboration workflows.

Over the past eight years, Virtru and Google have collaborated to provide over 5,500 Google Workspace customers, such as Omada Health, the State of Maryland, Zwift, the French Red Cross, and Verizon, with Zero Trust data security solutions. These solutions enable end users to easily encrypt sensitive information when sharing data externally and ensure that only the intended parties can decrypt and access the data.

Chronic care integrated healthcare provider and long-time Virtru and Google Cloud user Omada Health will present with Virtru at Google Cloud Next 22.

“At Omada Health, we take tremendous care in protecting the privacy of our members' data,” says Dougherty. “We needed a solution that provided rigorous data protection but that was also easy to use to ensure adoption. Virtrus end-to-end encryption technology, and its seamless integration into Google Workspace, made our selection a no-brainer.”

After completing a large-scale switch from Microsoft Exchange and Novell mail servers in partnership with SADA, the State of Maryland has been a long-time user of Virtru and Google Cloud. This case study describes how the State of Maryland collaborated with SADA, Google, and Virtru to equip over 4,500 employees with robust collaboration tools and allow teams to securely share sensitive information over email, all while saving a significant amount of time and money.