Virtual Cards & Instant Payments to Revolutionize Payment Methods
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Virtual Cards & Instant Payments to Revolutionize Payment Methods

By CIOReview | Friday, July 5, 2019

Seamless online shopping is what the buyer looks for in today's tech-driven world. Instant payments and virtual cards serve as the smartest purchasing solutions of the present.  

FREMONT, CA: Instant payments are quickly becoming the standard in today's hyper-connected world. Tech-savvy users rely on their electronic devices to make a payment or purchase in seconds. Transparency and convenience in the C2B and B2C arenas are moving into the world of B2B payments, regards to speed expectations. Payment networks and services responding to these expectations are increasing across the globe. It is ushering in a new era of transactions that are both instant and seamless.

Instant payments are one of the most exciting developments have been around. It is a real-time, virtual card accounts and account-to-account transfers, which is a seamless and cardless payment solution that produces transaction-specific virtual card numbers at the point of purchase. Virtual cards and instant payments offer faster, convenient alternatives to traditional payment methods.

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Businesses use the instant payment to provide just-in-time funding that speeds up the release and delivery of goods from global trading partners. This helps in meeting liquidity needs among internal business units or subsidiaries. Financial institutions are creating solutions that are of value to businesses and their customers, as new payment systems spread across the globe. Retailers are one major group who require instant payments. It is very advantageous to them as online shopping requires only that the customer's payment, which is instantly guaranteed to the retailer.

APIs and system-to-system connectivity between banks and corporate clients have played a vital role in the evolution of virtual cards. These cards are particularly popular with companies that need to streamline the order-to-payment processes and automate straight-through reconciliations on the backend. Virtual credit cards can be used online only and are the perfect answer to online shopping.

Virtual cards and instant payments, share a host of advantages everything from transaction transparency and capability to enhanced cash management to a frictionless and reliable payment method leading to better customer experiences and supplier relations. They can unlock a host of cash management enhancements and efficiencies, irrespective of the industry.

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