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Virtual Reality Sickness is Real. How to Deal with It?

By CIOReview | Friday, July 5, 2019

It is essential to understand the signs indicated by the body when it is unable to cope up with the virtual environment.

FREMONT, CA: Virtual Reality (VR) has exposed humans to the old problem with flight simulators. It takes the users to an environment where his brain, ears, and eyes disagree. Sitting still while immersed in a dynamic world can result in anything from dizziness to nausea and apathy. There is no apparent reason why VR sickness occurs, but there are a few speculations. It might be that the screen refresh rates are slow in VR headsets, or because of the sensory conflict between the virtual events and the brain’s idea of what the pattern should be.

Frequency of VR Sickness

While some may never experience any problem with VR, others tend to adapt over time. Some VR applications are more susceptible to cause problems than others. Even a bulky VR headset can tire the user quickly while increasing his odds of encountering VR sickness. It will be better in such cases to try different headsets before settling with the one that is both light and comfortable. For some, limited exposure to the virtual world can also be helpful.

Take a Break

It is essential to understand the signs indicated by the body when it is unable to cope up with the virtual environment. For instance, if the body is having trouble distinguishing between the virtual and the real world or if the user sways or stumbles a bit as he moves in the game, it means the user needs a break. Here are some of the measures that can be useful thereafter:

• Fixing eyes on a single point in the real world as the user moves

• Slowing down his forward or other motion with closed eyes or just sitting still.

• Setting stipulated times in a timer for regular brakes.

• Reducing the brightness of the VR application or game.

• Adjusting the settings of the headsets in case the images are blurred.

• Switching to a better system if the image refresh rate is too slow.

• Intake of food or liquids with ginger that can settle the stomach for the user.

In case a VR application or a game often results in sickness, then it must be avoided. However, if the problem is in technology, then it can be managed by the use of improved systems or headsets.

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