VirtualArmor Enhances Its Cybersecurity Solution Capabilities

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: VirtualArmor, a well known enterprise cybersecurity solution provider, added three new cybersecurity solutions to its managed service platform. The firm claims to increase its capabilities and provide industry leading cyber security solutions with the introduction of its three new solutions. VirtualArmor runs its services through primary and secondary security operations center (SOC) which allows enterprises to monitor and secure their networks from cloud to core; source, Nick Waddell, Founder and Editor,

Every organization goes online to carry out their operations as it is feasible and helps them accomplish work instantly. Eventually, organizations seek out for up-to-date cybersecurity solutions for their operations carried out online. As a result, by understanding need of the hour, VirtualArmor strategically used its on-board technologies to leverage its cybersecurity offerings. “Many businesses across the U.S. are currently using one or more of these technologies in their network and are in need of a strong managed services company to help them monitor the effectiveness of their security platforms and identify any potential threats to their proprietary data.” said Matthew Brennan, Vice President of Sales, VirtualArmor.

According to Andrew Douthwaite, Vice President, Managed Services at VirtualArmor, the firm ensures security to enterprise networks with affordable and highly reliable technologies. Also, the company aims to expand its current technologies to meet growing demand of robust cyber solutions by leading companies. “Moving forward, we expect to continue adding leading cybersecurity solutions under our managed services platform while maintaining long standing relationships with our current technologies.” Douthwaite added.  

“Our managed services business serves as a high margin multi-year agreement platform that will contribute to predictable and recurring cash flows in the years to come. We expect this segment of our business to become a larger percentage of our overall business and ultimately become the main driving force to our bottom line.” said Todd Kannegieter, President and CEO, VirtualArmor.