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Virtualization- Key to business Success

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Spiceworks survey 2017 on importance of IT initiatives states, nearly 66 percent of organizations believe that virtualization technology is playing an important role in the world of IT business. Yes it is; this technology is gaining lot of traction because of its ability to consolidate servers and reduce costs. It basically leverages the software to simulate the existence of hardware and create a virtual computer system. Every organization today is adopting this technology for various purposes that include streamlining critical applications for effective workload migrations, agile capacity, disaster recovery option, and better utilization of resources. It can also simplify IT operations and enable organizations to respond faster to changing business demands. However, in order to make better use of virtualization, choosing a right vendor for an enterprise is very crucial.

Before getting into how to choose right vendors, let’s take a look at the various types of virtualization available. That includes server, , desktop, application, network and storage virtualization. Depending on the specific requirements, enterprise can choose appropriate virtualization solutions and experience numerous benefits.

While choosing a virtualization vendor, it is essential for an enterprise to focus on more than just the product. Enterprises must ensure that the chosen vendor is capable of providing consistent direction, support, and innovation to achieve virtualization goals in the long run. To ensure this, it is necessary for organizations to conduct robust evaluation of various vendors. Here are few areas to cover while evaluating vendors.


Enterprise must always choose the vendors who have enough experience in the field of virtualization technology. Vendors with good knowledge and that are up-to-date about technology will be of great help in the long run. It is beneficial for an enterprise to look for vendors that are at partner level with leading virtualization software providers such as VMware.

IT support

While evaluating these vendors, enterprise must look for vendor that provides complete customer support including rapid technical support for end users, documentation, coordination of licensing, and numerous other functions that assist virtualization to run smooth. It is important to go through their offerings that give answers to questions like “Do they directly install, upgrade, and provide customer support? Or do they use partners to provide the actual service?”

Use of Technology
Another hint that provides information about vendor’s potential to become apt partner is how well it acquires, integrates, and utilizes new technology. Along with that enterprise must also verify if the vendor has a proven track record of producing great results through the use of new technology.

Stakeholder Community

Organizations must look for vendors that encourage and support online forums, and even events, for end users. A powerful end-user community is a wonderful resource for learning from others successes—and mistakes.


Before confirming the virtualization vendor, firms must research on cost of working with that particular vendor. With the increasing competition amongst virtualization vendors has encouraged them to offer more features at less price. In order to stay ahead of the competition, vendors also give large portions of their software away for free in order to get business.


It is significant for an enterprise to evaluate virtualization vendors based on the willingness and capability they show to be innovative and creative in addressing customer challenges. The quality vendors are constantly in quest of innovative ways to enhance processes and utilize emerging technology. They are adaptable to changes and look forward to fulfill all the customer requirements.


In a nutshell, select the vendor that are genuine and have great experience in the field of virtualization so that the experience can prove instrumental to the ultimate success of company’s initiative.