Virtualization Software for Standardized Advanced Analytics

By CIOReview | Friday, February 14, 2014

WALNUT, CA: The challenges faced by companies which are transitioning to analytics are  the expertise which takes time and the development  of new set of skills such as learning new languages, library, architecture, and API’s. All these challenges can now be overcome by Sclera, the industry’s first analytics virtualization software.

Sclera makes advanced analytics libraries such as Apache Mahout, and Apache OpenNLP accessible through SQL(Structured Query Language) extensions. The company reports that its main targets are the business intelligence professionals who can link Sclera to the data sources and create SQL queries to perform machine learning, text analytics, and more. The software can be connected to the reporting tool via JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), and convert it into an analytics powerhouse. Sclera also works with Big Data technologies such as Apache HBase and Apache Mahout as well as with other technologies such as Weka.

Prasan Roy, Founder, Sclera, said, “We are committed to simplifying the use of analytics — this is just the first step.”

Presently the analytics solutions that are available in the market are tightly integrated between the database systems, analytics libraries and the reporting interface. Sclera virtualizes the analytics operations, in addition to the data sources, thus making it more complete. It can be seamlessly integrated with the existing database or warehouse infrastructure, while working with the data across multiple sources. The virtualization software can be combined with different analytics libraries to bring about the required insights. The software also assists the users with vendor selection, allowing them to write their applications first and then choose the infrastructure they need.