Virtualization-based IT Certification for Veterans to Stay Relevant with their IT Skills

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 19, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Nutanix, a web-scale IT infrastructure solutions provider, announces a new IT education program focused on current IT trends for technology industry veterans who have served as solution engineers, consultants, and architects.

Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) is a technology certification program which is focused on enterprise computing. Technology industry veterans who thrived in a traditional IT infrastructure bounded by various technology silos such as storage, networking, and computing may not be able to excel in today’s disruptive technology landscape laced with virtualization, mobility, and cloud scenarios. Through NPX, the candidates will gain expertise in working with container technologies such as Docker and Rocket and they will gain proficiency in building efficient technology infrastructure that supports legacy applications as well as open source innovations.

NPX will be managed by, Nutanix’s education services division. “The NPX program is our answer to the global shortage of enterprise architects who really understand the business benefits of software defined storage and hyper-convergence. They are the gateway to web-scale technology and that’s the future of IT,” said Mark Brunstad, Manager of Nutanix’s

Benefits for the Candidate
NPX certification is free. The enrolled candidates will be brought closer to the technology nuances involved in today’s hyper converged infrastructure which is essentially a software based IT infrastructure integrating storage, compute, and networking integrated through virtualization using hypervisors. In today’s app driven world, where products and services, small or large can be simply accessed using an app, it is very essential for an IT expert to make correct IT decisions corroborating the needs of a particular business. 

Through NPX, candidates will have assistance from some of the best enterprise architects around the world helping candidates in their pursuit of the IT certification.

The company says, “The certification program requires extensive architectural capabilities validated through written exams, a web-scale solution design, hands-on lab and design exercises, and a live peer review. Applicants must be experts in at least two hypervisor platforms and, upon graduating, will be certified by Nutanix as among the best enterprise architects in the industry.”

This certification program was developed by a team of 14 Nutanix experts and it is recognized in the development of expert-level panel-based assessments for the IT industry. Graduates who complete the two-stage examination progress – the NPX Program Application followed by the NPX Design Review – will be accredited with NPX.