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Virtualized Browser released by Citrix for Web-based Application Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA: In an announcement made, Citrix has released its virtualized browser, Secure Browser to manage web-based and SaaS applications reports CDN Staff. According to Citrix, in the recent years, most of the modern applications are made browser-based which makes them easy to deploy and manage. This also enables them to close some security loopholes, but in the process these applications also open themselves up for some new ones. Citrix Secure Browser addresses these issues by giving a secure platform.

Citrix, the Multinational Software Organization also believe that many complications such as browsers incompatibility for the same program, passwords memorization, and plug-ins configuration are also caused by the popularity of the browser-based applications. The Virtualized Browser by Citrix abstracts or virtualizes the endpoint which eliminates all these complications and betters the security.

Even though, IT is allowed for Enterprise instances Management and Creation by Google Chrome, which eliminates most of the issues, Citrix went an extra mile to enhance the security measures. In the process of closing security loopholes and enhancing security, the number of applications published through Citrix XenApp went down compared to the number of published web browsers.

Citrix Secure Browser also eliminates the need for an end user VPN by adding security measures in the form of endpoint abstraction or virtualization. There are three major ways in which Citrix plans to market and sell their virtualized browser, Secure Browser. The first would be at $20 per user per month with the browser served as a fully hosted service and with access to any number of web apps. The second way is to sell it as a perpetual license which will be priced at $150 per user or device. And the third way is as a Deployment Kit with active Subscription Advantage or software maintenance. This Secure Browser Deployment Kit will be free for Citrix Services such as XenApp and XenDesktop but will exclude XenDesktop VDI edition of the service.