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Virtuozzo's Next-gen HCI to Introduce Scalability

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Virtualization tool provides organizations with the options of scalability. Through Virtuozzo's new HCI platform, enterprises can enhance their scalability and end-user relationship.

FREMONT, CA: Virtuozzo, a global contributor of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and virtualization solutions, has announced its latest update for its next-generation HCI product, Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform. The update commences new features that offer service providers and enterprises with the capability to launch cloud solutions with increased agility and performance in their data centers.

Virtuozzo, which has been featured among the 20 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers by the CIO Review magazine in 2016, works toward a common goal―crafting products that enhance the widely adopted technology trend of the modern era—virtualization. The brightest of minds, trained from universities across the world, work together to promote a customized innovation that adds value to the organization and open source community.

The Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform combines flexible computing, storage, networking, and management in an entirely software-based solution. The update enables customers to advance the stability of their infrastructure and radically diminish their operating costs.  It uniquely holds together numerous use cases, such as private cloud, hybrid cloud, managed cloud, and storage-as-a-service.

The latest version of Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform enables solution providers to distribute self-service functionality and multi-tenant support to the customers, allowing fast time-to-value for both the parties. It also deals with the increasing demand for high virtual machine (VM) performance from company customers.

Tline, a virtualization and cloud solutions provider with operations in Latin America, is a great example that employs Virtuozzo’s platform. Tline chose the Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform because it allows the enterprise to provide its clients with scalable cloud experience, with the freedom to manage their resources. It also sustains a subscription-based business model that is important to the growth of its client.

From being an isolated product to becoming an independent organization, Virtuozzo has proved its mettle in the sector by delivering a flexible and powerful virtualization platform based on container technology. Today, the company allows service providers, independent software operators, and organizations to launch applications and cloud services using protected, robust, and hyper-converged virtualized platforms.