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Visibility and Collaboration with Supply Chain Control Towers

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

As supply chain across industries grow in complexity and become more unpredictable, volatile and unstable, managers across the retail, manufacturing and consumer goods industries face unprecedented challenges. Supply chain control tower vendors are beginning to incorporate planning and execution systems into one console with an extended view down to the stock keeping unit level. In order to assist control tower operators to sift through reams of data, leading vendors are integrating advanced business intelligence capabilities.

The ability to control costs is one of the primary reasons for control towers' popularity; companies are sourcing supplies and manufacturing from all across the world. Although this has helped organizations to reduce the cost of goods dramatically owing to this specialization and competition, it has stretched supply chains and introduced new complications such as increased risk, more extended logistics lead time and dealing with import and export regulations. A supply chain control tower not only provides visibility to the past and present scenario, but it also helps predict future outcomes through its predictive analytics capabilities. Intelligent control towers are helping orchestrate entire value networks to run smarter and faster and delivering bigger benefits for all trading partners.

The Control Tower Approach is foundational for any organization to achieve a ‘leader’ status—having the ability to combine an overarching control center, integrated set of platforms, and technologies into a unifying solution. A solution that addresses the multi-channel and B2B / B2C convergence challenge across a growing supply-demand network not only results in a customer-connected single version of the truth but also provides a more seamless, connected, and unified customer experience that can address every customer requirement across channels, costs, and activities.

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