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Vision Critical Rebrands Itself as Alida

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2020

Vision Critical has announced its complete rebranding to Alida to disrupt the over-saturated CXM market.

FREMONT, CA: For the past two decades, Vision Critical has been a continuous customer insight solution provider. The company has announced its complete rebranding to Alida. Moreover, Alida is the developer of the world’s first inclusive Customer Experience Management (CXM) and insights platform. Therefore, the organization’s new brand name and visual identity display its continuous commitment to help brands create a meaningful customer relationship.

Alida has a history of helping top-most brands such as Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, and Red Bull. It has transformed its business for the betterment to identify customer motivations, opinions, and sentiment through an award-winning customer insights platform. Today, the newly refocused brand will develop upon this expertise and assist the global brands in acting on these revealed customer truths to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Aggressive Growth Path in CXM

The growth of Alida was aggressive. It began its journey in early 2020 with a new executive leadership team, consisting of SAP veteran Ross Wainwright as CEO. Since then, the organization has released several new customer-led innovations to move forward with its transformation into a value-based CXM leader. With the help of deep subject matter expertise and specialized tools for important industries like Retail, CPG, Media, Technology, Financial Services, and Healthcare, the rebranding is a new move by Alida to disrupt the over-saturated CXM market.

According to Wainwright, “The CXM space today is crowded with vendors that offer transactional functions that don’t lead to real business value. It’s not just about driving products and services, it’s about creating an actionable experience for customers, employees, and partners that drives loyalty. Our new brand stays true to our company values while personifying where we believe the future to be.”

Wainwright continued, “With a recent $US20 million investment from Vistara Capital Partners we expedited our ambitious growth strategy and are poised to achieve our mission of helping businesses make decisions with their customers, not for them.”