Vision Net Acquires Iconnect Montana To Provide Service Quality To Its Customers
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Vision Net Acquires Iconnect Montana To Provide Service Quality To Its Customers

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2022

The move is the latest in a series of strategic initiatives by Vision Net to stay at the forefront of the telecom industry and provide area businesses with access to the most innovative solutions available.

FREMONT, CA: Today, companies are thriving hard to provide a better customer experience or user experience to its customers. They need to have a data center solution to reduce costs and strengthen its security. Customers in the present time have greater demand in the telecommunication industry. Vision Net, a telecommunications solution provider based in Montana, recently confirmed the takeover of iConnect Montana. Customers in Montana may rely on iConnect Montana for network connectivity and data center services. Both companies will now operate under the Vision Net brand and name. Existing iConnect clients may expect the same level of service quality they have expected.

Vision Net CEO, Corey Jensen, says, "The two businesses, which enjoy a working relationship, have long been committed to delivering solutions that ensure Montana can compete regionally and nationally for businesses requiring these services to operate."

Corey adds, "The iConnect acquisition bolsters Vision Nets suite of services, enabling us to deliver a more comprehensive, end-to-end customer experience. Increasingly, firms seek data center solutions to reduce cost and latency and bolster security. Bringing iConnects data center services and its team of experts under the Vision Net banner positions us to fully address this growing need."

Three Montana telephone cooperatives created iConnect Montana in 1999 to provide neutral network connectivity and data center services to telecommunications, e-commerce, and Internet-based businesses. Data centers, also known as fiber hotels, enable organizations to reap the benefits of a carrier-grade central office without incurring the upfront expenditures of developing and maintaining the related equipment. Its telecom solutions include broadband network transport, internet services, and designing and managing bespoke wide-area networks (WAN) solutions such as SD-WAN, end-point, and network security products.

Networking skills can be seen in healthcare, education, banking & finance, engineering, and other industries. For example, it has supported crucial internet fiber infrastructure in Helena and Billings in recent years. Similarly, it has prioritized company culture, creating a Montana-friendly environment that fosters creativity, passion, and responsibility. Jensen mentioned that iConnect Montana has a similar Big Sky sensibility, which his team found interesting.