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Visionect Ready to Unveil Joan 32

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2021
Rok Zalar, CEO

Rok Zalar, CEO

Joan by Visionect announced the forthcoming release of the most recent evolution with Joan 32.

FREMONT, CA: In its pioneering and creative e-paper sign solutions for the corporate world, Joan by Visionect announced the forthcoming release of the most recent evolution: Joan 32. The fully wireless Joan 32 is a device that is easy to deploy, use, and maintain, requiring zero installation costs and only minutes to set up. Joan 32 is both quiet and extremely energy efficient, eliminating LCD displays, consuming 99 percent less power than traditional digital displays. In the first quarter of 2021, Joan 32 will be available for purchase, built to regularly save businesses thousands of dollars in installation and energy costs. For early adopters, Visionect is currently offering a 15 percent preorder discount.

"With Joan 32, we are reinforcing our position as leaders in deploying ultra-low power e-paper solutions for the workplace," said Rok Zalar, CEO, and Co-Founder of Visionect. "We started with a meeting room booking system, but we are now offering tools and services for the whole workspace. All the solutions under the Joan umbrella are state-of-the-art technology focusing on simplicity and ease-of-use in every step. Joan 32 is no exception. Its minimal power consumption makes Joan 32 the most sustainable, digital-signage workplace display on the planet." 

Joan 32: The Future of Corporate Communication

Right out of the box, Joan 32 is an all-in-one, complete system: monitor, mount, and player. Joan 32 integrates confidently and immediately into organizational culture, providing the company with displayed announcements that are a coordinated part of a cohesive, fluid workplace, deliberately unobtrusive. Technical information, uploaded photos, business branding, system-wide updates, and other essential daily announcements or information are accurately conveyed by Joan 32. While Joan 32 is suitable for a corporate workspace, it can also be easily adapted to other industries that require publicly displayed knowledge: airports, hotels, workplaces, restaurants, banks, libraries, stores, hospitals, and schools.

No constant power source is needed for Joan 32, and its battery life lasts for months on a single charge, with recharging possible over a single night. From each Joan 32 monitor, device settings and machine analytics can be accessed directly.