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Visual History Of U.S. Armed Forces To Be Digitalized

By CIOReview | Friday, January 31, 2014

LOUISVILLE,KY: The vast collection of photographs, video and audio messages in the collection of U.S. army dating back to World War II will now be digitized. The videotape collection of the Department of Defense (DOD) was managed by Defense Imagery Management Operation Center and contains a wide range of videotape formats including Betacam, VHS, and U-Matic.

T3media, a cloud-based video management and licensing service had won the contract for this last year and now have selected Front Porch Digital, a Content Storage Management (CSM) solutions provider to implement the project.

The technology they have opted for is SAMMA migration system to digitize the videotape collection.  

It enables the scaling of encoding the content and rapidly transfers it onboard. They are able to produce multiple digital file recordings from seven videotape recorders simultaneously; SAMMArobot can monitor and improve the video signal at the same time, generating associated technical metadata for every stage of the migration. It can also interface with T3Media's existing platform, retrieve the information generated during the migration process, and guarantee the creation of open video formats and genuinely interoperable technical metadata.

"T3Media is the acknowledged industry leader in enterprise-scale archive management, and we appreciate their confidence in our capabilities," says Mike Knaisch, Front Porch Digital president and CEO.

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