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Vital Considerations to Integrate Intelligent Solutions into Private Homes

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

IoT devices are becoming vital in everyday life, and with that, there is a continuously increasing demand for integrating intelligent solutions into private homes.

With nearly every aspect of smart homes being interconnected and controllable by remote, intelligent home automation is widely being recognized as a disruptive innovation that significantly enhances the lives of residents. Below are specific considerations that will help ensure the success of the systems.

A vital consideration is to ensure the security of data transferred in the system. Sensitive information of the users is collected through the system, and they must remain private, meaning that making sure the data are inaccessible to third parties. To guarantee security, the devices integrated into a system need to live up to strict standards of security when communicating with each other.

Ensuring a high level of reliability also is critical, and it is essential that tempering and false alarms are prevented. The maturity of devices is vital in this regard, and thoroughly tested and validated devices are the guarantee for a highly reliable connection in the system. Tamper switches ensure that the devices do not tamper. In case of a temporary power outage or cuts in the internet connection, battery backups provide that locally stored data within the smart home system are not lost, meaning that the system will keep functioning.

The success of a smart home system relies on the adoption among the users. It is vital that the devices integrated into the system are easy to install, providing users with a great first impression.  To this end, plug and play functionality will significantly ease the installation process for the users. Along with these long battery lives, the possibility of over-the-air updates and required maintenance will give users a positive experience.

The world of IoT is evolving, and technological advancements are brought to the market daily. This means the system should be preparing for new devices to be connected in the future.

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