VMware Announces Plans to Reign in on Access to Unlimited Data Center Information

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 16, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology more often than less gives sort of absolute powers for users to access data center resources. Once the credentials are accepted at the VPN gateway, the legitimate user can scout the data center infrastructure with little or no difficulties that poses a significant threat to the data for a business. Aware of this challenge, VMware plans to introduce micro-segmentation in an end-to-end manner covering the end-user using mobile device as well as the entire data center.

VMware prepares to use its network virtualization solution, VMware NSX together with AirWatch EMM or the virtual desktop infrastructure VMware Horizon so that over-provisioning can be curtailed significantly.

Such an implementation would result in: blind shading the user through an individualized virtual network that allows access to specific applications within the data center they are authorized to; users will not even see other resources within the data center which they are NOT entitled to. By this, users are provided with a stringent, secured, restricted access to relevant data.

With VMware NSX and AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management together, IT administrators can prevent overexposing data center information to application on any device without compromising the users’ capability to stay productive.

On the other hand, bringing VMware NSX with Horizon together brings firewalls to the virtual desktop at a VM level that blocks threat proliferation. More dynamic and automated network and security policies can be achieved to secure data.