VMware's Unified Platform Adopted by City of Avondale

By CIOReview | Monday, June 15, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: VMware, a provider of cloud infrastructure, business mobility and virtualization software states that the City of Avondale, Arizona has utilized its unified platform for the hybrid cloud. The Digital City’s network will be virtualized with VMware NSX and VMware vCloud Air, thereby re- architecting its security and assuring business operations continuity.

VMware NSX will be implemented on FlexPod in Avondale’s production environment. FlexPod is reference architecture for server, storage and networking components that are pre-tested and validated to work together as an integrated infrastructure stack.

“We wanted to improve security inside of our data center; the last thing we want is public users accessing our servers and being able to snoop around to areas of the IT environment where they shouldn't be," says Mark Neerings, Assistant CIO for the City of Avondale. VMware NSX provides security and controls into the infrastructure layers that go all the way down to the individual VM level, he adds.

 The choice of VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery will assure continuity of operations. Avondale is using vCloud Air to host a cloud-based failover environment that runs fifteen critical business applications. These include financials, human resources and engineering applications; business and collaboration solutions; utilities systems; databases; and web servers.

By deploying VMware NSX and VMware vCloud Air, the City claims that it is now better equipped to protect critical services and is prepared to achieve quick recovery from unforeseen incidents that could impact the delivery of municipal services to citizens and businesses such as traffic management, water and wastewater utilities, and emergency response by police officers and firefighters.

"With VMware NSX, we're transforming the way we are able to architect the network and apply security to help protect the city's IT infrastructure and the citizens we support. With vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, we finally have a comfortable level of assurance in our ability to continuously operate at a cost point multiples lower than traditional recovery sites.” says Rob Lloyd, CIO, City of Avondale.