VMware Unleashes VSAN Supported with NVMe, Offers Lower Latencies

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 19, 2015

FREMONT, CA; VMware announces that VSAN (Virtual Storage Area Network) will now support NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory) devices, reports Lyle Smith for StorageReview.com.

Virtual SAN is a defined software storage that enables enterprises to dynamically scale their storage capabilities via simple policies that are driven by the virtual machines. Previously a separate disk array was essential for the newly introduced storage or drive interfaces to use the technology. Now the work is made more simple; if the severs supported by NVMe are already available, the job is done once the card is inserted. VSAN with NVMe support aims to lower the latencies (time interval between the stimulation and response) and increases IOPS on VSAN Cluster, and benefits the businesses that rely on VSAN. Since RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) does not exist in current NVMe devices, VSAN helps to provide an adverse mirroring functionality.

The biggest advantage of NVMe devices is its lower latency while Flash device that uses AHCI and SCSI standards uses a Single command queue which includes up to 32 to 254 commands provides good performance. On the other hand, in order to issue a command NVMe uses no register reads, on the other hand AHCI uses four unchangeable register commands per command. The new technology mainly benefits IT enterprises in a cost effective way by delivering predictable performance.