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VoiceBase Enabled Transcription, Speech Analytics, and PCI Redaction in Twilio Marketplace

By CIOReview | Friday, May 27, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Being a remarkable speech recognition based API provider, VoiceBase, announces that it is one of the initial Add-ons in Twilio Marketplace. Twilio Marketplace is a single platform to discover, learn and install partner technologies to strengthen Twilio applications.

Now, developers can easily improve the functions of their Twilio Applications with Precise Speech Analytics and Speech Recognition. They can also conveniently discover and install VoiceBase’s automatic keyword and topic extraction, high accuracy machine transcription, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) redaction into any application. This Twilio marketplace allows developers with the ability to add tremendous value to individual solutions by selecting the specific Add-on to bring up as part of the core Twillio API.

Bachtiger, CEO & Founder, VoiceBase says that transcription of recordings machine into surface actionable data and automation of business process is become easy for the developers who in need of this features. Further, Bachtiger is excited to be an initial member of Twilio Marketplace and to present the combined value of his speech analytics and Twilio’s dual channel with recording capability.

Initially, there will be two Add-ons—VoiceBase High Accuracy Transcription and VoiceBase PCI Redaction—in the Marketplace of VoiceBase. VoiceBase High Accuracy Transcription delivers the transcript, automatically generated topics, and automatically extracted keywords.

The second Add-on will enable PCI data redaction along with some basic features from the first Add-on. For developers targeting ‘sales optimization’ and ‘voice of the customer’ applications, it is crucial that their queriable repository of spoken info be free of PCI data.

Patrick Malatack, VP, Product Management, Twilio says “Our goal is to allow developers to do more with less code.”