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VoIP Provider Ytel Joins hands with 3CX

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Nick Newsom,  CEO/Founder,  Ytel.Inc

Nick Newsom, CEO/Founder, Ytel.Inc

FREMONT, CA: In a major announcement made, it was publicized that 3CX and Ytel have collaborated and the latter will now be providing its powerful sipPro Trunking services to 3CX Partners and customers. 3CX is a developer of next generation software-based PBX 3CX Phone System, and with this partnership will be benefiting its clients with Ytel’s powerful services.

A U.S. carrier and VoIP Provider, Ytel can be chosen by 3CX’s customers from the drop down menu in the 3CX Management Console. The partnership was put to ink after Ytel’s services passed 3CX’s interop test. “Partnering with 3CX is a key component to providing end customers with the best quality service. Combining our extremely robust network with 3CX's feature-rich PBX provides the best customer experience in the industry,” stated Kyle Asbury, U.S. Sales Manager, 3CX.

Ytel leverages cloud-based communication technology to provide premium solutions for its clientele. A company-owned server and a full-service carrier will enable the clients using this novel unified communication technology to simplify their complex telecom requirements processes. Ytel’s sipPro solution will also work smarter and provide redundancy for every customer as the enterprise will maintain complete control over its network. This will allow the customers maximum uptime and exceptional call quality.

3CX's reach in the U.S. market will also grow by virtue of this technology and will certainly increase the number of end-users. This partnership will also see an increased number of users leveraging innovative solutions and first-rate customer support of 3CX. “We are pleased to have successfully completed the interoperability testing between Ytel and 3CX. Ytel is an experienced VoIP provider who can offer 3CX Partners and customer’s superior quality and service. The solution comprising Ytel and 3CX Phone System offers innovative IP telephony to a broad range of U.S. customers,” concluded Kyle Asbury, U.S. Sales Manager, 3CX.