VoLTE Enabled Mobiles Now Consume Lesser Bandwidth

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

CRAWLEY, WV: Spirent Communications, a VoIP Solution provider works in conjunction with Foxconn, a LTE mobile phone manufacturer to deliver mobile phones with VoLTE (Voice with LTE) voice, SMS, and video calling capabilities. Foxconn, the largest OEM device manufacturer of mobile handsets is using Spirent's BEEHD VoLTE Client Framework to design and develop mobile handsets running on Android that allow users to use the flagship features.

Spirent’s BEEHD for desktop and personal devices is a complete video communications client framework solution to launch high quality services for Android and iOS-based devices quickly. With BEEHD, the handsets are optimized to provide better communication capabilities and provide users better experience. BEEHD includes internal IMS/VoLTE capabilities that allow developers to build voice and video enabled mobile handsets that can run on VoLTE compliant networks.

"Spirent has worked closely with us to optimize the solution for enabling hardware-accelerated VoLTE voice and video calls. Together, we fine-tuned the system to interoperate with the mobile operator network on which the phone was deployed. With BEEHD, we were able to quickly and massively market LTE mobile handsets with exceptional VoLTE voice and video communication capabilities,” says Andy Horng, Director of Software Design Center of FIH Mobile Limited.

The BEEHD framework is a complete client framework for developing HD video-enabled applications. It is equipped with easy-to-use, high-level application programming interfaces (APIs), an optimized media engine, patented video quality technology, flexible signaling capabilities, and innovative optional features. It enables device manufacturers and other vendors to reduce time-to-market while optimizing interoperability. This comprehensive multi-platform toolkit is also responsible to provide highest quality of experience.

Spirent’s developer tools offer proven solutions that allow manufacturers, application developers and service providers to rapidly add the various communication services into their solutions. Those who build or deliver networks, connected devices, and communication services depend on Spirent’s expertise to enable their innovations and ensure a superior user experience.