Vonage Launches Two New Products to Serve UCaaS

By CIOReview | Friday, April 3, 2015

HOLMDEL, N.J:  Vonage, provider of cloud communications services   announces the launch of two new products: VideoConnect and ChannelSphere that further enhance Vonage's ability to serve the Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) needs of businesses.

VideoConnect bring an on -demand virtual meeting space enables business-quality face-to-face video collaboration for impromptu or scheduled meetings. Anyone with a webcam or a browser can leverage this solution. It can help improve teamwork, accelerate responsiveness, and reduce travel costs while increasing productivity. Employees can communicate from the boardroom, desktop, laptop, or mobile device and share high resolution content - anywhere, anytime with enterprise-grade security and reliability.

"In today's ever-moving business environment, professionals need the ability to connect virtually," says Clark Peterson, president of Telesphere, a Vonage Company. "Face-to-face collaboration accelerates decision-making while encouraging creativity. We combined this inspiration with innovative technology in VideoConnect, creating a ubiquitous solution that works for any size business. It isn't always possible to be physically present for a meeting, so solutions like VideoConnect are becoming critical for today's increasingly mobile workforce."

On the other hand, ChannelSphere-a proprietary partner portal is designed to save time and provides a highly individualized quote. The portal gives partners access to tools that can auto-configure a complete cloud solution at the click of a button providing instant quotes, including the recommended hardware and software solutions for each customer. ChannelSphere also offers co-branded, customizable sales proposals and electronic signature integration to simplify the sales process while arming partners with educational and marketing information to address customers' needs.