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Vowel Rises from Stealth with First Collaborative Meeting Platform for Remote & Distributed Teams

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Vowel has officially launched the first true meeting platform for remote and distributed teams.

FREMONT, CA: Vowel officially launches today the first real meeting platform for remote and distributed teams. Vowel was developed to make meetings more productive, engaging, collaborative, and actionable. Now, the teams and individuals can host, plan, record, transcribe, search, and share video meetings—all under a single platform.

The CEO and co-founder of Vowel, Andrew Berman, says that they were forced into the world's most massive work-from-home experiment earlier this year, and the company turned to video conferencing tools to fill a quick void. But as they are looking ahead to a more permanent future of flexible work, they have come to realize that they need more than just a basic telephone functionality to hold productive meetings — they need a sophisticated platform that not only facilitates the meeting at the moment but also helps all of its content to be available and shareable, whether one attended the meeting or not.

The co-founder and Head of Product at Vowel further added that the meetings are the lifeblood of every organization, big and small. Yet, most of the companies dread them because most of them are unproductive. And this pandemic has only made this problem acute. The rush towards video conferencing tools was an obvious reaction at the pandemic's onset, but its limitations have become evident. That's why the company is launching Vowel at this critical time.

Vowel is a central hub where all the meeting information is searchable and actionable.

Among its many user benefits, Vowel makes any meetings more:

• Productive: Vowel generates a recording and lives transcription of the meetings so attendees can participate instead of just tirelessly taking notes.

• Collaborative: Vowel allows the member to create a shared agenda, assign concrete follow-ups, and mark crucial points during the meeting that can be referenced later.

• Actionable: Vowel enables them to create action items during the meeting and links them back to a searchable and shareable meeting record to ensure no task goes unattended.

• Integrated: Vowel eradicates the need for numerous tools or plug-ins concurrently in various windows. They can start a meeting from Slack or the Google Calendar, and then receive the meeting summaries through Slack or email. They can even see their meeting action items in Jira and

• Secure: Vowel uses state-of-the-art encryption to secure user data. Additionally, by building on top of Google authentication, Vowel can control access and prevent unwanted attendees from dropping in.