VOXOX Releases New Features to Improve Communication and Convenience
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VOXOX Releases New Features to Improve Communication and Convenience

By CIOReview | Friday, March 12, 2021

New updates to improve convenience and usability for businesses to better connect with their customers.

FREMONT, CA: VOXOX, a 5G-enabled AI communications platform for enterprises, releases new features over the last year that further improves ease of communication and convenience for business owners wanting to better connect with their customers. VOXOX continues to add new enhancements that strengthen entrepreneurs' potential to develop a high-engagement customer base. In the last year, VOXOX added new features for their virtual receptionist and texting solutions, deployed a new policy where welcome messages are now free, and extended promotions to global partners.

VOXOX's Virtual Receptionist solution simplifies and enhances customer service professionals' phone communication by enabling businesses to automatically answer, route, and manage calls. With help in over 30 languages, users can set their greeting to any of these languages with options for various accents and male and female voice talents. There is a Voice Studio where a live voice expert can record greetings.

Virtual Receptionist has got a user experience update to allow a cleaner web and mobile experience, offering users the ease of making changes on the go. VOXOX also added a feature where users can set up automations so callers can select to receive automated text messages. VoIP Desk Phones are available for power users and available in WiFi models.

VOXOX's text marketing feature has updates like the Auto-Response tool that automatically triggers a reply text based on a setlist of words. Blast text messages can be sent with a local number and sent instantly instead of sending one message every five seconds. VOXOX is working on creating automated keywords that will reply with a text message when sent to the VoxDirect or CloudPhone service.

Adding and managing subscriber lists is easier to send a welcome text message that is automatically delivered. VOXOX is committed to offering best-in-class voice and text tools that do not hide hidden costs. VOXOX also announced integration with Zapier, which will allow businesses to combine their platform with apps like Slack, Zendesk, WordPress, Trello, and others to automate workflows.