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vrbn Studios Releases 29 3D Building Packs

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2021

vrbn studios release 29 3D building packs, which can be used across the creative platforms of Games, TV, and Film.

FREMONT, CA: vrbn studios releases 29 3D building packs, with a total of about 80 high-quality 3D buildings (four-packs are free of charge) for Maxon's renderer RedShift3D for SideFX Houdini. These packs show typical 'Los Angeles' architecture. They can be utilized across the creative platforms of Games, TV, and Film. The buildings are tailored to be 'drag-and-drop' and come with photorealistic materials (full PBR). The packs are available instantly on vrbn studios' online shop. More packs with geographic styles and for other renderers are in production.

This production reflects a new generation of quality of our content—the general approach of how the company structure buildings resulted in more interesting building shells. The latest technical features are emission for night scenes and a realistic approach to decals for stains and graffitis. The firm will continue to optimize the production workflow and is already looking into adding requested features.

Creating convincing 3D architecture is complex: It's a balance between being true to the city's architecture to be developed and art directing the variety. vrbn studio's proprietary system for generating 3d buildings produces high-quality models for multi-purpose usage: Game cinematics, VFX, advertisement, or scientific simulation. Special dedication offers tool-native materials, relieving the 3d artist of complicated file conversions or material fixing.

Several versions of the building packs are available for the Unity3D and Unreal game engines. The creative sectors see a growing demand for Virtual Production. Especially during COVID times, there is a significant need for consistent 3D content streamlined for use in hybrid production pipelines, where real-time graphics are working hand-in-hand with offline rendering. vrbn studios is a creative company specializing in the engineering of consistent, high-quality architectural 3D mogdels and 3d environments for the entertainment industries.