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VR&D Unveils GENESIS Topology ANSYS Mechanical Extension with Optimized Capabilities

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 16, 2015

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: Vanderplaats Research and Development (VR&D), supplier of the art finite element analysis (FEA) introduced its second generation GENESIS Topology ANSYS Mechanical (GTAM) Extension that  delivers advanced topology optimized capabilities to the ANSYS community.

The GTAM extension joins the power of the ANSYS workbench environment with GENESIS which will allow designers and engineers to leverage ANSYS workflow for defining a finite element model, creating loads and boundary conditions and visualizing results. It helps to design light or stiff structures and improve performance of the designs. GTAM uses advanced optimization techniques, which allows the users to quickly generate efficient structural designs.

The new features of GTAM extension include, use of ANSYS solver for contact, non-liner and transient analysis; quick analysis results of interpreted topology results; new fabrication constraints; new objective and constraint options. 

"As companies look for new ways to create improved designs and to gain competitive advantage, optimization is playing an increasingly important role. This software release - built upon our first generation GTAM and our best-in-class GENESIS structural optimization software - represents a new and vital step forward in ease-of-use and functionality," says Dr. Garret Vanderplaats, founder and CEO of VR&D.