V-Rooms Unveils Next-Gen User Interface with Faster Processing Speed

By CIOReview | Friday, September 4, 2015

DALLAS, TX: With the evolvement of traditional media use, there’s always been an upbeat challenge to keep users engaged with interactive user applications. V-Rooms, a trade main virtual data room provider explores this concept of web designing by unveiling V-Rooms Pro+, a next-generation intuitive user interface (UI).

The latest technology offers unparalleled ease of use, quick processing speed, and enterprise grade safety. With more attention to velocity and ease, it makes it simpler than ever before to share sensitive documents in an intuitive and visually participating consumer work expertise.

"V-Rooms Virtual Data Rooms are used by teams to securely share files using role-based permissions and offer an attention to compliance" says Dan Bradbary, CEO and Founder, V-Rooms. “Our new UI offers a variety of customizable features to best suit a variety of use cases for our clients”

V-Rooms Professional+ provides a number of new options that include bigger servers and sooner processing, DocusignA integration for trade main eSignature support and intensive document tagging capabilities.

The UI allows users to choose the look of the device through its Look-and-feel for administrators and users. It also simplifies email conversation with its notification controls and pushing informational email capabilities. Customers can upload and download bulk files with its user creation wizards comprising drag and drop capabilities. It gives users more controllability with filters and groupings integrated with disclaimer page customizations for a smooth use.