VT iDirect Expands 4G/LTE Experience Over Satellite for Mobile Operators

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 25, 2015

HERNDON, VA: With an aim of providing backhaul solutions for connecting rural and remote locations, VT iDirect has come up with iDirect SatHaul Optimization Suite, a satellite based IP communications technology that provides cost effective backhaul solutions to mobile operators.

iDirect SatHaul is a solution for mobile operators to bring advanced mobile services to rural locations. It enhances the end user experience as well as decreases the amount of bandwidth required for voice or data making it possible to deliver high-speed service in areas that cannot be reached by traditional backhaul. iDirect SatHaul integrates satellite infrastructure with advanced transmission techniques to offer business cases for 2G, 3G and 4G over satellite.

The new solution offers bandwidth management and prioritization for higher quality of voice and data services. Additionally, it optimizes signaling, transmission and data content and IPSec protecting all data going through a 4G network. SatHaul also accelerates user traffic and application data by optimizing payload traffic. Moreover, it improves data speed by resolving throughput issues that are caused by satellite delays. iDirect SatHaul will function on X7-EC- a satellite remote with processing capabilities including dual demods, multicast and advanced mobility features.

"As mobile operators roll out their plans for servicing this growing demand, satellite will play a major part in the solution. The advanced capabilities of the iDirect SatHaul Optimization Suite ensures mobile operators can make the most of their satellite connected sites by saving bandwidth and providing a higher quality of service to customers," says David Harrower, VP, Business Development, iDirect.