Vulnerability Management to Flourish More Persistently in the Coming Years: Report

By CIOReview | Friday, September 25, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: The new analysis made by Frost & Sullivan ‘Vulnerability Management (VM)–Global Market Analysis’ make notes of forecasts for 2015 till 2019.  According to the report, VM vendors are in tight competition with several endpoint security platforms for static network defense dollars. By adding endpoint posture assessment, network mapping, compliance auditing, reporting and endpoint knowledge to their portfolio VM suppliers bring up the value of their software engagements.

The research details the technology and pricing trends, key drivers, restraints spotted, key competitors, distribution channels and market verticals. As a whole it reveals the market's key growth opportunities.

Vulnerability Management (VM) is an essential part of any respective security puzzle encountered today. As security flaws are constantly addressed the contemporary cyber defense infrastructure evolves into a multi-layered network pushing VM vendors to expand their horizons to deliver surfeit technologies as value-added services.

"The paradigm of VM scanning is changing as continuous monitoring takes precedence over regularly scheduled scans," says Frost & Sullivan Network Security Industry Analyst Christopher Kissel. "While VM remains important in the eyes of network security teams, potential customers expect a level of cyber security defense that VM alone cannot provide."

The vendors are constantly looking forward to offer a complete threat mitigation environment outside of the endpoint assessment domain to keep abreast with the dynamic demand for functionality. The report also states that most of the providers incorporate log management in their platforms while some deliver a combination of credentialed and non-credentialed scans that monitor user credentials for changes or escalations in privileges.

"Threat prioritization is fast becoming a sought-after feature in enterprises since the ability to identify and remediate a serious threat at the earliest lowers the likelihood of an advanced persistent threat," further notes Kissel. "The depth of analytical capabilities will be another differentiator for participants in the VM space."

The report drives into the conclusion that in this particularly vibrant time for the global market, VM solution providers who can tangibly prove low false positives and reliably align solutions to risk mitigation will gradually be emerging as market leaders.