Vuzix and APX Labs Introduces Latest Upgrade to its Smart Glass for Enterprise Applications

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 7, 2016

ROCHESTER, NY: In this rapidly growing business environment, companies are always on a hunt for smart enterprise solutions and devices to streamline their operations. Vuzix and APX Labs have joined forces to enable customers to begin deployment with Skylight and Vuzix M100 smart glass and also an upgrade to the next version, Vuzix M300. Vuzix is a supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses for consumer, enterprise, and entertainment markets and APX Labs is the developer of the Skylight Platform for enterprise wearable technology.

This revamped version of Vuzix smart glass is purpose-built for industrial applications and features a design based on real world customer feedback and industrial requirements culminating from over two years of efficient use of Vuzix M100. The design specification of the latest version coupled with release of the Skylight software platform enables the deployment of Enterprise Smart Glasses in large volumes. "With Skylight, the same solution you deploy with the M100 will work with the M300. You get real business benefits today and a seamless upgrade path to new hardware tomorrow," said Brian Ballard, CEO and Co-founder, APX.  

Vuzix M300 is the most optimized solution for Enterprise application and utilizes the Intel Atom Processor which drives both M300 and M3000 devices. It aims at creating a hands-free digital environment combined with unprecedented access to information, data collection, and also creating new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain, and other business aspects. The device is compatible with thousands of existing Android apps and even operates on iOS. Standalone features like monocular display, onboard processor, expandable memory, recording capabilities, and wireless connectivity separates it from other contemporaries. It comes with the flexibility in battery packs for either  long/high intensity users or  for low/infrequent users.Some other benefits include improved process efficiency, less downtime, higher production quality, and lower costs. 

"Vuzix and APX have created an industry leading solution that enables large Enterprise clients to deploy Vuzix Smart Glasses to their hands-on workforce and get in-view instructions, conduct video calls, and access live secure data feeds," said Paul Travers, President and CEO,Vuzix.