Waev's Operational Excellence and Expansion Division to be Run by Newly Hired COO
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Waev's Operational Excellence and Expansion Division to be Run by Newly Hired COO

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Electric mobility executive team grows with the addition of the former Google operations leader senior vice president.

FREMONT, CA: "This is an exciting opportunity to step in as Waev's first COO and begin working with the team to quickly advance operational capabilities in support of our growing customers and markets – especially as electrification adoption reaches critical mass within the U.S. and around the world," said Arroyo. "Keith and I worked together earlier in my career and we've always managed to stay in touch. Things naturally connected after Keith reached out and presented the opportunity. I am impressed with what these guys have done at Waev – both the business they have built and equally the team culture they have created."

Waev hires new COO and senior vice president as they face potential growth opportunities with recent expansions in their business. Waev hires Alfredo Arroyo to mitigate the need for the next level of operations leadership to optimize the company's supply chain presence. The new COO will head manufacturing projects while facilitating the company to meet increasing demand and compete in new market expansions.

Waev benefits from Arroyo's talent and diverse experience in all facets of global operations. Arroyo brings Waev his expertise from a decade at Google in the contract manufacturing, enterprise solutions, supply chain management, and logistics execution department. His contributions to Google have generated a proven track record of successfully running global supply chains, where he optimizes fast-paced, high-growth environments.

"The opportunity for Alfredo to quickly accelerate operational momentum comes at a critical time in our business," said Keith Simon, CEO of Waev. "A robust global supply chain and efficient manufacturing operations are paramount as enablers for future success, and Alfredo is the perfect person for the job. We're stoked to have him join the Waev team."