Wake Provides a Private Space for Designers to Share and Discuss Their Design

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The launch of Wake, a new software, empowers designers to easily share their work with peers and learn from each other based on their quick feedback.

Wake users authorize team members to join a private Wake space. Team members are then free to post from web, mobile or iOS app and receive near instantaneous feedback. The idea is to establish transparency throughout the design and decision-making process, letting designers learn from each other and refine ideas, while developers and project managers stay in the loop, reports Jackie Dove for The Next Web.

Built with screenshot capabilities, Wake features Photoshop and other design packages to let designers upload images of their designs within the Wake platform without having to outsource the images.

“The core concept of the tool is to get designers to share works-in-progress. “Designers will get an assignment, disappear for a week, and then come back with a polished proposal, but what we really want is a way to see in between the meetings and critiques so you can get an idea of how the designer thinks,” said Chris Kalani, co-founder, Wake.