@Walmartlab's OneOps Cloud Management to Go Open Source, Couchbase backs-up the Move

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fremont, C.A: In January 2016, @WalmartLabs released OneOps on GitHub as open source software project under the Apache 2.0 license— offering continuous app-lifecycle management to any company, free of charge, and Couchbase has welcomed its release. Walmart uses Couchbase Server in a cloud environment to power digital businesses that must be always on, responsive and highly adaptable.

"It makes sense for Walmart to release OneOps as an open-source project," King and Kimmet said, "so that the community can improve or build ways for it to adapt to existing technology." OneOps automatically configure, repair, and scale up applications across multiple cloud providers.  Developers can code, test and switch among different cloud providers to take advantage of better pricing, technology or scalability without being locked into any one of them.

As with any open source project, Walmart itself stands to benefit from additional development resources and community contributions back to the code but OneOps is already fairly mature—not to mention apparently capable of handling the cloud management needs of the world's largest employer. Although Walmart's announcement described OneOps as a homegrown solution, it got a head start by acquiring a startup of the same name in 2013.

“My team is responsible for delivering best-in-class data management services to the Walmart e-commerce team. Like every enterprise IT team, we are looking for solutions that are easy to use, simple to manage and demonstrate reliable performance,” said Bob Lowell, director of engineering, data platform, Walmart. “Managing Couchbase through OneOps makes it even easier for us to quickly respond to business needs with rapid innovation and delivery.”

Couchbase has built integration with its NoSQL database platform into OneOps. The Apache TomEE and OpenEJB "tribe" has also contributed a plug-in for Tomcat and TomEE, and Walmart has built plug-ins for a laundry list of common Web and cloud application components. These include Node.js, the PostgreSQL and Cassandra databases, the Ubuntu and CentOS server operating systems, the Docker application platform, and a number of Web scripting and programming languages (including Ruby, PHP. Perl and Go).

About OneOps

OneOps is a cloud management and application lifecycle management platform— works with any public, private, or hybrid cloud that uses the OpenStack cloud environment (including CenturyLink and Rackspace), as well as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Learn More Here: www.oneops.com