WAND Annexes Payment Software and EMV Terminals to the Restaurant Point of Sale System

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 13, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: WAND Corporation adds brand new Payment Software option and EMV terminals to its Point of Sale (POS) systems. WAND Corporation provides Digital Menu Boards, Point of Sale and Back Office systems for the restaurant industry. The two solutions are delivered from Verifone, provider of secure electronic POS solutions and Ingenico, provider of secure electronic transactions.

The EMV terminals adds a new dimension of security by allowing chips/cards to be dipped into them versus swiped on the POS which shields the credit cards from being hacked and the new software assures to bring down hacking of  credit card information during transactions.

 “The EMV liability shift is obviously a huge topic in the restaurant industry. What we’re seeing is a large number of customers who are getting their EMV terminals in place now, even if their chosen payment processors aren’t completely ready yet, because there are such great benefits to be recognized,” says Chuck Gehman, VP of Product Management, WAND.

By bringing the POS system to a “Payment Unaware” state, the solution can reduce the compliance burden restaurants face on a recurring basis, and potentially lower ongoing costs. Since WAND supports more than 20 processors, it extends diverse additional degrees of security and compliance benefits like how encryption is handled.

“It’s not just about going out and buying a bunch of EMV terminals. Restaurant operators should talk to both their POS provider and their payment processor to identify the right technology and business match for their unique needs.” adds Gehman.

Meanwhile, the solution also supports Near Field Communication technology for contactless payments. The new software and EMV terminals are expected to be installed across hundred QSR and Fast Casual restaurants in United States in coming months.