WANdisco Launches New Applications to Prevent Server Downtime in Data Centers

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: WANdisco, a software company, announces the approval of two new US patent applications - WAND6649 and WAND6649DIV to add and remove servers from a group of servers across data centers in a distributed computing environment, without any downtime.

WANdisco can bring changes to servers and entire data centers both online or offline. It allows redeployment of data centers without letting them lose access to applications or data. The new application WAND6649 has been designed to manage deployment of a single group of servers. To manage multiple groups of servers along with the data centers, WAND6649DIV is necessary.. With the new patent applications, moving of servers across the data centers become easy

WAND6649 assumes a single group of servers while WAND6649DIV assumes that multiple groups of servers thatallows the servers to be deployed across these groups without any interruption in access. Enterprises face various challenges while deploying Hadoop. While the deployment createspressure on organizations’ Big Data infrastructure, it also leads to loss of data and frequent system downtimes. In most of the cases changes in hardware or software, addition of new network clusters, data migration, and usage pattern stands out to be the reason of difficulty in adding or removing servers in data centers.

“WANdisco was founded on unique, patented technology and these additional patent grants clearly demonstrate that we continue to solve fundamental and hard problems in computer science. I am delighted that we are able to make these innovations available to our customers and partners as part of WANdisco Fusion, enabling them to deploy flexible, enterprise-class big data applications,” said David Richards, Co-Founder and CEO, WANdisco.