WANdisco's Latest Edition for Hadoop Brings Exclusive Features for Enterprise Users

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2015

SAN ROMAN, CA: WANdisco, a provider of enterprise Big Data solutions, releases WANdisco Fusion 2.6 with new features exclusively available to the customers who buy WANdisco Fusion Enterprise Edition for Hadoop. The latest release includes built-in network bandwidth management and traffic prioritization to scale Hadoop at marginal costs.

Advancements to the latest version include network traffic shaping capabilities that facilitate administrators with a greater control over bandwidth usage for replication by each data center and network traffic prioritization on the basis of source and target data centers. It features an ability to assign higher priority to specific files and directions during replication between data centers.

The new WAN management capabilities couple with WANdisco Fusion’s patented active-active replication technology delivering performance, availability and scalability across Hadoop clusters. The WANdisco Fusion 2.6 enables organizations to meet most demanding service level agreements and eliminates the need of an outside network security mechanism that results in saving costs significantly.

WANdisco’s active-active architecture keeps all servers and clusters in sync and can be recovered automatically from each other after planned or unplanned downtime enabling full utilization of hardware without wasting hardware budget on idle backup servers.

"WANdisco Fusion’s features are critical for enterprises looking to scale-up large Hadoop deployments," says David Richards, CEO and Co-Founder, WANdisco. "Customers tell us they are seeing significant ROI, with savings in hardware costs alone on the order of 50%. And while ease-of-use generally isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about big data, WANdisco Fusion simplifies the Hadoop experience in a way that is truly unique in this space."