WANdisco's New Cloud Migration Solution Witnesses Record-Breaking Results
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WANdisco's New Cloud Migration Solution Witnesses Record-Breaking Results

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 16, 2016

FREMONT, CA: WANdisco [LSE: WAND], a leading caterer to the sphere of ubiquitous information, declared the successful completion of tests of its Fusion S3 Active Migrator. WANdisco carried out the tests that ended in record-breaking results where Fusion S3 Active Migrator transferred and scanned data consistency of over a billion files from its data centre servers in Fremont, California to Amazon’s data centre nestled in North California, reports Disaster Record Journal. 

Leveraging the active data replication technology of WANdisco, Fusion S3 Active Migrator effectively transfers data continuously to cloud computing environments similar to Amazon’s S3 and meanwhile also ensures consistency in changing on-premise Hadoop clusters, local and NFS-mounted file systems, and other cloud environments. The on-premise environments and S3 operate simultaneously where data and applications are transferred in phases favoring the normal operations. This transfer in phases upholds with hybrid cloud use cases resulting in on-demand burst-out processing. Meanwhile, it also changes the data as it makes way in and out of the cloud and assists in Disaster Recovery (DR), thereby, preventing downtime and data loss.
"There's clearly a desire among large enterprises to leverage the massive economies of scale offered by cloud-based storage and processing and move away from carrying the costs of maintaining and expanding their own data centers," said David Richards, CEO & Co-founder, WANdisco. 

"But there's been no way to reliably transfer data without days or weeks of downtime, limiting the applications enterprises are willing to move to the cloud, until now. Once again WANdisco has changed the game." he added.

Studying in contrast, the other similar cloud migration solutions for data transfer to cloud are committed to using one-way batch architectures. Data on these solutions remains stationary in on-premise and cloud environments till the migration is complete.  Although the solutions can used for transferring cold, less critical data to the cloud, it's impermissible for data that falls short to address hybrid cloud use cases or elastic data center or offsite DR with least downtime. WANdisco Fusion S3 Active Migrator, on the other hand, effectively meets these restrictions.