WANdisco's New Plugins Boost Continuous Data Availability and Data Migration in Cloud

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 25, 2015

FREMONT, CA: To offer consistent availability and performance of data across clusters deployed on any combination of Hadoop distributions as well as Hadoop compatible storage systems and cloud environments any distance apart, WANdisco, a software vendor, announces its fusion system with new set of plugins.

Based on replication technology, the system ensures that all servers and clusters are fully readable and writeable, always in sync and can be recovered automatically from each other in case of planned or unplanned downtime.

The WANdisco Fusion Platform is deployed as a proxy server with each cluster. Users and applications connect to Fusion instead of directly to HDFS, a Java-based file system that provides scalable and reliable data storage, using the standard HDFS URI. Being totally non-invasive, fusion requires no modifications to Hadoop source code and can be easily turned on or off. Multiple Fusion Platform proxy servers can be deployed with each cluster for added recovery capacity.

The key features of these new plugins include:

Active-Active Disaster Recovery: With the ability to run on any Hadoop distribution across Hadoop clusters, this plugin uses any HCFS compliant storage with automated failover and disaster recovery over LAN or WAN regardless of distance. It eliminates risk of extended downtime and data loss due to human error by re-synchronizing clusters after planned or unplanned outages. Even if a cluster or an entire data center goes offline, Hadoop will still be available at other locations using Active-Active Disaster Recovery plugin.

Active Back-up: By providing backup clusters both on-premise or in the cloud regardless of the distance from the primary active cluster, Fusion Active Backup runs continuously without impacting users or applications. It automates forward recovery so that active and backup clusters are not impacted in situation of hardware or network outages. The plugin is integrated with archiving options when data ages out after 30, 60, 90 days.

Active Migration: Using the migration plugin, multiple Hadoop distributions and cloud deployments can be operated side-by-side to move users, data and applications in a phased approach without interruption. By simultaneously testing applications both in the old and new environments, it helps to detect problems before its too late to resolve.

Active-Active Hive: By replicating Hive meta store underlying HDFS changes in the same order across clusters and locations, Active Hive plugin regulates consistent query results across all clusters and locations. It enables adding and modification of Hive database and table definitions at any location.

Active-Active Hbase: It ensures that HBase and underlying HDFS data is consistent and continuously synchronized across all clusters.

Fusion Software Development Kit (SDK): To help enterprise IT department program modifications on their cloud migration if needed, WANdisco has introduced the Fusion Software Development Kit.

Fusion Hybrid Cloud: caters to greater processing needs by extending Hadoop onto the cloud with active-active replication

“Ease of use isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Big Data, so WANdisco Fusion sets out to simplify the Hadoop crossing,” says David Richards, CEO, WANdisco.