Wasco, CA Partners With Buxton to Strengthen Retail Development

By CIOReview | Friday, April 1, 2016

FORT WORTH, TX: In an announcement made, the city of Wasco, California has decided to partner with Buxton Analytics, a leading customer analytics provider to enhance and enrich their community’s retail development strategy. Buxton provides customer analytics among 3500 clients and Wasco is looking to procure benefits from Buxton to enhance and enrich their retailer strategy.

In an expedition to find best retailers for the community of Wasco, Buxton’s advanced consumer analytics and retail expertise will help identify the retailers that fit the traditional market of Wasco. “Wasco is committed to recruiting quality retailers and restaurants that appeal to residents,” said J. Paul Paris, City Manager, Wasco.        

Having an experience of working with 700 cities, Buxton will help and enable Wasco to use the same advanced consumer insights banked up-on by retailers for making decisions to choose sites. To provide and offer market intelligence to existing businesses and firms Wasco will get benefitted by Buxton’s proprietary web-based real estate platform SCOUT.  SCOUT will enable Wasco examine and analyze various retail and market development options which could eventually help organizations at Wasco to expand their retail market and develop the city on a broader spectrum. “Wasco is taking a strategic approach to retail development,” “We will help city leaders identify the retail opportunities that best support the growing community in Wasco,” said Lisa McCay, Vice President of Sales at Buxton.

With an experience of managing cities in California like Hesperia, Temecula, San Bernardino, and others Buxton aims to implement the retailer strategy in Wasco to gain insights necessary to propel  a solid retail recruitment program. “By partnering with Buxton, we will gain the knowledge and insights necessary to build a lasting retail recruitment strategy,” said Paris.