WaterSuite: A Cloud Based GIS Platform for Water Management and Monitoring
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WaterSuite: A Cloud Based GIS Platform for Water Management and Monitoring

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2016

VOORHEES, NJ: American Water in partnership with its Innovation Development Process and Corona Environmental Consulting has announced the launch of WaterSuite–a cloud based geographic information system for water resource management. WaterSuite helps in instant decision making and provides the required tools for efficient management of water resources through real time data integration, water vulnerability assessment, and emergency monitoring and reporting.

“In contrast to paper source water assessment reports, WaterSuite is a 'living' source water assessment and a key tool for use in source water protection and event response," said Paul Gagliardo, Manager, Innovation Development. “As a leader in researching and deploying water industry innovations, American Water is committed to using technologies that help us increase our efficiencies and the value of the water services we provide to our customers.”

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WaterSuite is an online map based system that can be used to enter and review results, identify sample locations, and modify sample site plans. It manages and analyzes water quality data from online instruments through a highly secure, interactive and customizable platform. Additionally, it provides visualization tools for examining watershed contamination with real time water quality measurements and even helps in tracking the movement of chemicals during spill. These tools facilitate early warning systems in the event of any deterioration in the quality of water supplied. WaterSuite can be operated on PDAs, tablets and computers.

“In each service area across the company’s footprint where WaterSuite is being integrated, American Water personnel will collaborate with Corona to establish requirements and test the system and its functionality for the best possible solution and outcomes,” said Corona CEO, Jeffrey Rosen. 

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