Wavecrest Computing Releases New Products for the Better Management of Enterprise Cloud Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MELBOURNE, VIC: Web security and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions providers Wavecrest Computing recently announces a new release to effectively manage cloud service categories, providing crucial control of user cloud application access.

The new exclusive categorization and management capability, Wavecrest has put the enterprise in crucial control of user cloud application access. The new versions of Cyfin and CyBlock solutions has the ability to manage newly revised, contemporary standard and unlimited custom categories, but also find and manage cloud services, such as collaboration, file sharing, and storage.

Wavecrest’s CyBlock provides security policy enforcement points placed between cloud service users and cloud applications to combine and interject enterprise security policies. The solution brings transparency in the working of cloud services, including in its comprehensive analytics, data security, acceptable use policy (AUP), and regulatory compliance. It protects against data breaches by finding anomalies, user activity, or threats, such as unsanctioned cloud services use, unnecessary data sprawl, and underused or unused cloud services. It also provides automated alerting and reporting, and easy-to-use policy management tools including filtering, coaching, and bandwidth management.

Cyfin, Wavecrest’s employee Web and cloud services monitoring, reporting, and analytic service, generates actionable employee Web-use reports by analyzing Web-use logs from devices. It monitors and analyzes cloud service detail with extensive drill-down capability.