Ways AI will Help Food Industry
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Ways AI will Help Food Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a predominant role in the food industry doing everything from helping to sort foods to maintaining food quality and safety compliance. The technology work side by side with humans to increase operational efficiency within the industry, potentially automating the majority of operations. AI proving its capabilities can help in proactively managing the food supply chain.

The applications of AI in the industry are

Managing the food supply chain: The traditional food supply chain only include the food processing and packaging units, but today supply chains are getting more expansive by adding more of the food making process. Modern supply chain consisting of different units controlled by various stakeholders having different objectives. This requires constant monitoring of the operations at each stage, which can be done using AI. AI-powered supply chain management systems monitor and control the activities throughout the supply chain making use of wireless communications and remotely controllable technologies.

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Safe Transit: AI can be used to control the conditions in which food is transported. Each food products must be carried under favorable conditions of temperature and humidity. The storage and transit conditions must be monitored to ensure that these food products reach the processing in the best of condition. Using AI integrated with IoT can help in automatically controlling these conditions and ensures that food products will always reach the destination.

Maintaining processing Equipment: Any malfunctioning in food processing systems can potentially mean stopping the entire production process. Minor issues in systems can cause stoppage and thus leading to wastage of labor, time and materials. Hence it is crucial to maintain ideal working condition for which AI can be used. It can give rise to predictive maintenance by constantly monitoring equipment health and initiate maintenance activities.

Food Processing: Food processing traditionally involves human labor, and where ever human labor required the total hygiene cannot be guaranteed. Automating as much of processes can act as a solution for this by preserving complete hygiene and quality. Robotic equipment powered by AI reduces the complexity of these process.

Food Delivery: Use of AI is a universal enabler in food delivery as they automate the marketing efforts by studying individual customer behavior to identify their interests and preferences. This enables to automate the activities involved in the ordering, dispatching, and billing processes to maximize the efficiency in these areas.

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